Thank You for your endless support! In the midst of this terrible pandemic, many of you have reached out to ask if you can pre-pay for your next appointment with me. I am very grateful for the offer. Please scroll to the bottom of this site for payment information. Or, another option: donate a little money now and a little money later to help cover rent, etc. If you would like to help (and only if you are financially able to do so) I propose these $20/$30 gift options! Feel free to text me your choice for transaction 503.804.0250 or Venmo me the details @beth-peppe-treatment

I would love to have you purchase a fun gift item or greeting card that comes with a small fee ($15-$20) attached.  The fee will count as credit to your next visit! Please read item descriptions and text me your choices. I will then reply with information on how to pay me Venmo/Credit card via Square. Thank You so much! 

If you are not interested in a "gift + credit" purchase, but still want to pre-pay for an appointment, feel free to Venmo @beth-peppe-treatment any amount and I will apply that to your file as credit. Or call in a credit card payment (all credit card fees are waived for me this month). And thank you again.

Be well everyone! Feel free to reach out if there is anything I can do for you. 


  • $20 Greeting Card

    For $20 I will email you a new/sealed miscellaneous greeting card from my collection sold at the salon. The greeting card is worth $5, and the remaining $15 will go towards your next visit with me, as credit. (Use the card to write to a friend during this quarantine time). Cheers!
  • $30 Enamel Pin - Poppy Flower

    The poppy flower represents many things. In the West it represents rest, recovery, and remembrance. And in the East it represents love. We are on this journey together, and like me, this pin just may represent all of those things during this unprecedented moment in our lives. A purchase of this Pin for $30 = $10 value and $20 credit to your next service with me. (This pretty gold enameled pin is about 1 inch and can be picked up when I see you next). Cheers!
  • Venmo (or text to call in credit card payment)

    Beth 503.804.0250 You are more than welcome to pre-pay for an appointment via venmo or text and I can invoice you/your credit card via Square. xo