Portland's Brow Specialist + Estheticians

Portland's Brow Specialist + Estheticians

The Treatment is a boutique wax + skincare salon

Appointment only

Offering intensive brow shaping, full body waxing services and specialized facials.

Thorough consultation + Skillful hand + Obsession + Intuition + Expertise


The Treatment is now hosting

Janelle Johnson Esthetics LLC

Janelle is a waxer extraordinnaire and has been a coveted Portland Esthetician since 2010!

Booking is now OPEN for Janelle & she is offering 10% OFF for New Clients!

Beth Peppe

(Sorry, New Client bookings are NOT OPEN with Beth at this time)

An art-educated Esthetician with a passion for perfection in brow design.  

She has been Portland's eyebrow shaping guru for the past 10 years.

She has waxed well over 5,000 brazilians, and 10,000 eyebrows since 2008.


Beth had spent 2008-2016 as a Master Waxer and Trainer at Portland's popular, UrbanWaxx.

2016 - 2018 she began an entreprenurial adventure with friends at Portland's beautiful,TREAT salon.

As of March 1, 2018 she has opened her boutique salon, nestled on Portland's thriving Mississippi Ave,

The Treatment with Beth Peppe & CO

So, What is "The Treatment"? Check the service menu!